Certifications & Accomplishments

Introduction to Food and Health, (June 2016) - Coursera (Stanford Universty)

Nutrition and Physical Activity for Health, (August 2014) - Coursera (University of Pittsburgh)

Certified Group Fitness Instructor, (2012 - Present)

Certified Dancehall Aerobics Instructor, (2012 - Present)

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Who am I?

Rayvynne is Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Dancehall Aerobics Instructor and Project Coordinator for lifestyle management company, Luxury Lifestyle.


Her dance fitness classes are a fusion of aerobics, Dancehall (Jamaica), Soca & Chutney (Trinidad and Tobago), and twerking and booty popping (American) and Belly Dancing.  You can burn over 500 calories in this fun dance fitness class.

Services offered: Group Fitness classes, dance fitness training, corporate "deskercise" demos and private one on one dance fitness sessions.

Rayvynne has worked with artists like Tilibop and Magnus GQ and has been featured in videos with artists like Papa Doc and JustFly aka Fly.